Foam glass

It is a cold insulation material with a wide range of working temperature from deep cold to thermal state. It is aging resistant,fire retardant and vibration resistant,which makes it an ideal protection in deep cold,underground,explosive,humid and corrosive environment.And because it is safe and reliable,it is called permanent insulation material.

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Main Products:
Construction insulation materials

Product details:

It is widely used in petroleum industry,chemical industry,underground construction,shipbuilding and defense works:

1、Low temperature piping, equipment and storage tank (tank);

2、The cryogenic system in hydrocarbon processing;

3、Cold storage and cold storage building;

4、Cryogenic insulation system in pharmacy;

5、The steel liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen storage tank and pipeline;

6、Exterior wall insulation, exterior insulation, roofing, basement, etc.

Heat insulation foam glass can be widely used in civil construction exterior wall and roof insulation. Because the foam glass light, fire, no pollution, no burning, long service life (and building the same longevity) and other characteristics, and the human survival environment protection increasingly high demand, high wall insulation foam glass will become the ideal city buildings and roof insulation. China has useful foam glass roof and wall insulation engineering, in Japan, USA have is there is no lack of such projects.

Physical Properties Of Foam glass


Technical Date For High Performance Cellular Glass(Meet ASTM Standands)


Product Features

1、Density of small, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength;

2、Non absorbent, breathable, anti leakage;

3、Small thermal expansion coefficient, dimensional stability, not deformation, not to crack ;

4、Fire, not combustion, corrosion resistance;

5、Not moldy, not by the rat sneer, pest control and microbial;

6、Applicable to all kinds of high temperature, constant temperature, constant humidity, cryogenic, harsh environment;

7、Easy cutting, easy processing, convenient construction;

8、Inorganic products, not aging, performance does not decline, the service life and building synchronous;

9、Recycling waste, non-toxic harmless, safety and environmental protection;

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